Monday, January 30, 2012

Fly Like An Eagle

That's exactly what a bunch of crazy people did this weekend at the Norge Ski Competition.  I posted some shots from Saturday and here is a recap from the whole weekend.  The goal is to make it feel like you were there....only without the Schnaaps hangover.  Sunday was the big boys and girls turn and they really put on a show.  This year was the first time I stayed till the end of the competition and I got to see probably the most exciting part of the weekend.  You see, during the main competition, all skiers must start at the same point on the ramp.  Evidently, the starting point is not at the very top.  It's about 10-15 feet below the top.  This keeps it fair and is useful for comparing to other jumps around the world.  After the main competition ends, they select the top 8 finishers and those 8 do what's called "The Longest Standing Jump Competition".  The selected can start from anywhere on the ramp they would like.  Of course, it makes sense that all choose to go to very highest point.  From that point, they are able to gain about 10 mph more speed and add about another 15 meters to their jump.  That is....if they can land on their feet.  When you plant your face into the hill, you lose points or distance. They say that when you land that far down, the slope of the hill is not as great and its like jumping from a building straight down to the sidewalk.  Crazy stuff.  The jumps were spectacular and some did go "Splatt" but no serious injuries.  Paramedics only had to attend to one participant and he walked off the hill.  I'll start with my 2 favorite shots of the weekend and then I've included a link to You Tube where you can watch a video I put together of the weekend.  Enjoy!

Here's the link to see more:

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