Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Needs an owl...or even a crow

One of my great searches is to find me an owl out in the wild to grab a shot of.  No such luck so far.  The one time I saw one he was perched on a fence post alongside a highway that, of course, is usually not busy, but that day was a steady stream of traffic. I've done my share of studying up on where to find them and when to see them to no avail.  So, when I see an old barn or abandoned building I like to try and check it out to see if anything is lurking.  Its usually a nervous situation since I don't involve what some people call "the necessary prework" like get permission to snoop around or any silly nonsense like that.  I pull up, go nose around the building, and then try to get some shots.  This was one of those buildings where I struck out, but every time I drive away its a good feeling that someone didn't start shooting at me and/or there were no sirens behind me.  Still wish it had an owl....or even a crow would've worked.

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