Sunday, July 17, 2011

We all scream....

The local park district sponsors a movie night at the beach each month and before the movie there is an ice cream eating contest.  The kids and I attended and the kids entered the contest.  Unfortunately, because of a glitch in the system, Ashley was not able to participate in this one. But, Derek put his best foot, er, mouth forward. There are few things in life better than seeing a bunch of kids getting brain freeze at different points in the competition.  Seriously, you actually have to sign a waiver in order for the kids to participate.  Too funny.  Even though Derek is a fierce competitor when it come to ice cream eating, he was beaten out by a young girl who couldn't have weighed as much as triple scoop ice cream cone.  She was a machine. And to be honest, he didn't get a fair shake.  Through the luck of the draw, his ice cream flavor was rainbow sherbert.  Tough one to handle in competition The best part, though, is we have to have alot of practice nights at home for the August competition.

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