Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Christmas in July

The month of July has started off somewhat like an only dreamed about Christmas.  I've been shopping for some new photo gear and its been arriving steadily and I should be pretty well outfitted once again very soon.  The following pics are basically a hodge podge of me trying out a few new lenses and such over the last few days.  The good thing about getting new equipment is it was a long holiday so I had time to play.  The bad thing was I didn't have the things I normally have and know how to use, therefore, I wasn't as prepared for events such as fireworks.  Unfortunately, I realized I was missing a key piece of equipment for my tripod only when I was about to set up and take some fireworks pics.  So, no mess of fireworks pics this year.  But, I did get some carnival shots, and some beach shots, and a shot of my son in his karate class.


  1. Great look in Derek's eyes in the karate picture. 100% focused on his sensei!

  2. Beautiful pictures! What lenses do you have now? Did you buy all of them at once? I still can't believe someone actually stole your equipment!