Tuesday, June 8, 2010

No swimming

So far this June, the weather has allowed you to do almost anything you want as long as you can do it in the span of 15 minutes.  This is because it seems like that we get 15 minute periods of sunshine, then a quick thunderstorm, then 15 minutes of sun, then storms, etc.   This was the case Sunday.  We saw our window of opportunity and the whole family headed to the beach to hit the lake for a few hours.  Well, almost right when we got there, our 15 minutes ran out and a thundercracker came through.  But, it passed, and after waiting about 30 minutes to make sure it was all clear we were allowed to hit the water again.


  1. What lens are you using. I wouldn't be able to get these nice effects with my camera!

  2. I love the perspective! I also am so behind on commenting on some of your recent pics. Gotta say I loved the one of Derek on his birthday! Is it bad to say that he is just such a pretty boy? Seriously, his face is beautiful!!