Monday, June 28, 2010

20000 - 5000 - 10 - 2 - 1

What do these numbers mean?  This post will explain what each number stands for.
Last week I was able to get a couple of tickets to the hottest show in town....or in Milwaukee....and hottest if you are female and between the ages of 9 and 16.  This is Summerfest week up in Milwaukee and a wonderful event it is each and every year.  Last night's headlining act was a couple of young pop stars, Sean Kingston and Justin Bieber.  A couple of 16 year olds who sing songs focused on the above demographic group.  Ashley and I made the trip up Sunday afternoon and spent a beautiful day walking the Summerfest grounds checking out the 10 or so bands playing throughout the park, sampling the foods, and witnessing the 1000's of young girls running around, painted up with the letters "J"(Justin) and "B"(Bieber) all over their clothing and faces.  Oh yeah, carrying around huge signs like "Will you marry me, Justin" and "I love you, Justin".  Then, at 7:00 PM, the world stopped. You could hear pins drop in the concert arena.  And when the first note of music came out of the speakers, I could have sworn it was Armeggedon.  Let's go to the numbers:
20,000-  Yes, I counted them.  There were 20,000 SCREAMING girls going bananas.  I didn't actually count them, but my ears knew my count is pretty close. I've been to some pretty loud concerts in my day.  They don't compare to this mass of high pitched screaming.  Yeah, there were at least 20,000 young girls screaming.  Did I mention that?
5000-  With that many young ladies there, you know there were many moms.  I guestimated it to be about 4 girls per mom.  Oh yeah, 1/2 of them were dressed up and painted up like their daughters.  Pretty funny.
10-  I looked over the crowd pretty good.  I think I saw, oh, maybe 10 dads. They usually had a beer in hand, had sunglasses on, and often times were laying on the grass catching a few zzzzzzzzzzzz's trying to make it through the night.  And......I was one of them.
2-   Pretty good young guys performing straight to the ladies.  A good, clean, wholesome show that matched what you see and hear on the radio and TV of them.  The show didn't deviate from what you would expect of them, but that's a good thing, because if it did, it would have been a bummer for all the parents introducing their kids to this atmosphere, often times for the first time.
1-  Super happy girl(and happy dad) that thanked me numerous times, was a perfect companion, and who turned another corner into growing up into a great kid.  A big part of my night was watching her and how she reacted and adapted to the people around her.  This is not always a good thing, but it was tonight.
So, those are the numbers. Now a few other observations I had of the night:
  • Any dads attending had to  wear sleeveless shirts and try not to show any emotion. Its like it was printed on their ticket.
  • Every time one of the singers said to the audience of young gals, "I love you", every girl in the place did a head and hair flip and looked at her friends like he was talking directly to her.
  • Beer lines were much shorter than at a normal show
  • The Milwaukee Summerfest has got to be the greatest summertime activity in the area. Clean, secure, afford-ably priced,  and beautifully set on the shores of Lake Michigan.  Great entertainment every day.
  • These young guys like to show video clips of them as babies or preteens like its the show "Biography" or something.
  • Young girls aren't really into "air guitar". (You gotta do some air guitar at a concert) They like to bounce up and down with their arm in the air.  (What's up with that?)
  • Cell phones have replaced the ol' Flick your Bic way of showing your enjoyment of the show.  The singers actually tell them to hold their cell phone in the air.  Cracked me up.
  • Not that its a bad thing, but the air quality at this concert was very clean.
  • When they showed crowd shots on the huge video monitors, every girl thought it was a shot of them.
Long post, but alot was absorbed in a short time.  Here's a few pics:


  1. What a wonderful, crazy day. I am sure you and she will remember it always.

  2. Sure! I'm out shooting barns while you're hanging out with 5000 hot moms. Nice reporting, good dad.