Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's not fun unless someone leaves crying

Our Park District has a monthly ice cream eating contest at the beach once a month.  Being the first of the year, we didn't get registered in time to be involved.  But, we happened to be there during the event and it was alot of fun.  Each kid got a pint of ice cream to dive into, all different flavors.  I'm not sure if they were able to pick the flavor or if they were assigned one.(I felt bad for the kids that were eating rainbow flavored sherbert.  There were several).  The kid that ate the most ice cream in 2 1/2 minutes was the winner.  You saw all levels of dedication to going for the gold.  You also saw alot of pain on some kids faces as the dreaded "brain freeze" kicked in.  Here's some shots of two great competitors.  Neither won, but one of them experienced the above affliction and the other just had a happy tummy full of ice cream.  I'll let you guess which is which.

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  1. Nice set Mark. These pics definitely have that summertime feel to them. It almost could be a scene from the 50's.