Thursday, May 27, 2010

Good way to start the day

One of the unfortunate things about life at this time is that even though I am usually up quite early, I can't get out and do any shooting in the morning since I have small kids, a wife that works early, and I can't ask my sitter to come at 5 am so I can go shooting early.  Well, I could, but I don't feel like looking for another sitter at this time.
The exception to this rule is when I have a meeting in the morning (usually about once a month), I ask her nicely, and she comes early.  Not 5 am., but 7ish.  Today was one of those days.  And a beautiful morning it would have been to be out doing nothing but shooting pics.  I could not do that, but I didn't let a little meeting stop me from stopping off once to grab some shots of the gorgeous clouds rolling over the Fox River.  The sun peaking out from a hole in the clouds and downward shooting light rays get me every time.  And the best part-  I was only 5 minutes late for my meeting.

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  1. Looks like rays from heaven. Beautiful.