Tuesday, December 8, 2009

We miss you

This site/blog is basically to showcase my hobby of photography. Through that leaks other aspects of my life, i.e. my children, other hobbies, the area I live, etc. The last several days I have wrestled with how deep I want to go with this public venue. The reason being I just lost my grandmother. I wanted to acknowledge the fact we all loved her very much and her 98 years on earth were a pleasure to many, many people especially to her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren right up to the end. I wasn't sure if this was the right vehicle to do so, and I'm still not, but in the end I know many family and friends who read my blog would not mind me using the space to recognize how much we loved her and will miss her. In fact, I know many people who read this and have met her would probably like to know that she has passed. So, this post is to you, grandma. I, and many others, loved you very much and we will miss you.

Esther Bloedorn
Born May 8, 1911
Died December 3, 2009


  1. You are so sweet Mark. Your grandmother looked incredible! I can't believe she was 98!! She was lucky to have you as her grandson :-)

  2. I can see that spark which she passed on down to your mother and now Ashley has twice over!