Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kids will be kids

Been some really hectic days around here lately and haven't had a good chance to do any shooting.  Good thing I have "The Vault".  Tonight's post involves a young boy doing what young boys are known for doing.  Getting into mischief.  About one year ago, right around this time of year, we must have taken our eyes off of him for, oh, maybe, 5 minutes.  And he went to town with the markers................on himself.  If I remember right, I caught sight of him all colored up, I scolded him, and he went off crying.  He was about to hit the bathtub, when I decided not to let this photo opportunity pass me by.  Its one of those pictures that will get alot of attention at his graduation party, wedding, or his military induction ceremony.   I'll update this post at the first sign of a permanent tattoo.

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