Friday, December 18, 2009

Never lets me down

I've noticed that while driving around and looking for a what might be a nice photograph I drive many of the same roads over and over. Sometimes there is a spot that always grabs my attention, no matter what time of day, what season, what that day's weather is like.  Some parts of nature are just photographic no matter what.  I guess its like some people are more photographic than others i.e no matter what time of day, what their mood is, good or bad hair day, etc.  Todays pic is one of those scenic spots that I have photographed several times and every time I shoot it, I love the look I get out of it.  Today, with some good size snowflakes coming down, it was a lovely scene.


  1. I agree...another time I wish I could get my camera and just roam...maybe after Christmas

  2. I agree! And I like what you wrote, too.