Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Aftermath

Wow, what a beautiful snowy weekend.  After the longest two days of rain I think I've ever seen, we had more than a solid full day of the most gorgeous, largest snowflakes falling that I can remember. And it continued for 14 hours.  What was supposed to be 1-3" of snow turned into 12.1" of snow.  But no worries.  It wasn't the "heart attack" snow that's all wet and heavy that you hear about in Chicago land all the time. This was the kind you hear about that usually falls in Aspen or Tahoe.  Gosh, I hope my taxes don't go up from it. You could walk a mile thru all 12" of snow and not have to take a break.    Anyway, I took alot of pictures this weekend and will share several over the next several posts.

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