Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Red Sector A

I often use song titles to title my posts.  Of course, I try to make it something people know and then I make sure it fits the picture being posted.  I veered a little tonight.  The title of the post is from a song by Rush that was on one of their albums in the mid 80's.  I know some of my readers picked up on it and even more are saying to themselves, "Oh yeah, I remember that."  But many others are saying, "Never heard of it."  Oh well.  Now you have.  But this song title popped into my head as we drove into Sedona, Arizona with all the red rock and monuments in the area.  I was amazed at the landscape of the area.  Its one of those things whereas, the Grand Canyon? Yeah, you expect to see an unbelievable spectacle.  It was great, but expected.  Driving into Sedona?  I had no idea such a place existed.  This is a shot of one of the most majestic scenes as we drove through the town.


  1. Great pic and great song