Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Express

Being the lucky guy that I am, my son indulges me in my favorite pasttime........sometimes.  Coming back from our holiday up nort', I asked if he minded if we hit some backroads on the way back to Illinois to see if I could find any shots to take with my camera.  And he obliged.  We were about to finish and get back on the main road when I hear that whistle blowing and saw it rollin' round the bend.  A train.  And not a passenger train, but a freight train. Always fun to find a freight train en route.  Great sound.  Great visual.  And when on a backroad in northern Wisconsin, you can pretty much stand in the middle of the tracks until your own fear makes your feet move.  That's what I did, but as much as my own fear played a part, I felt I better move before I really freaked out the conductor.  Here is a shot that I got.  The only part that's disappointing is the conductor/engineer, who you can barely see in the cab in the right hand corner, was wearing a basic t-shirt instead of the classic idea of "conductor wear" of a billed train engineer cap and suspenders.  Oh well.

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  1. That could totally be a Christmas card. Love it--
    Peggy Q