Sunday, December 30, 2012

It's still the holiday season

One of the highlights of the holidays for me and my family is checking out the light displays some people put up around here.  What a bunch of crazies.  I mean, I would never.......let's move on.  During our Christmas Eve travels to family, we are informed of an incredible display that was on our way home.  Kids didn't want to stop due to wanting to be asleep when Santa arrives, but we coaxed them into a 2 minute stop(yeah, right).  2 minutes turned into 25 minutes only because it was so worth it.  An absolutely incredible display.  We were told it was the Disneyland of lights and it was.  So much so that it warranted a second trip there a few nights later with other family members.  Over 250,000 lights all set to music that ran through the car radio.  197 channels of lights which means there are 197 different configurations of lighting.  And on top of it, every other night its a totally different set of songs and dancing lights.  Definitely the 8th wonder.  We start January 2nd trying to best them here in Crystal Lake.  You can see video of part of the show at 
See if you can see Santa directing the music in the window just to the left of center.

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  1. Mark is this in C.L or where is it? I'd love to try and find it but if not Thank You for sharing
    it. It's great.