Tuesday, May 29, 2012

We Salute You

I had an opportunity yesterday, Memorial Day, to attend a ceremony in McHenry honoring the area veterans.  It was an incredible event, especially for someone with a camera due to the high level of pomp and circumstance that goes with any military event.  Some of the highlights were: recognition of the veterans of each branch of the military in attendance, a reading by a young girl who lost her father in Iraq,  recognition of the 16 young men from the county we lost in our recent battles in the Middle East, a balloon launch for missing POW's,  a rifle salute, the laying of the Battle Field Cross(which when you see in person would make a grizzly bear choke up), and a finale of Taps played by several buglers. This video may not show it, but I think they were some of the best pictures I've ever taken.  It made me feel good to capture some of these moments and share some of the event.  I tried like heck to get it uploaded last night, but, I awoke to my computer still trying to upload it.  I finally decided I needed to lower the video quality a bit to get it there.  So, like I said, I hope the video does the event justice.

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