Saturday, May 26, 2012

And the Thunder Rolls

Found myself wide awake at 4;15 am this morning due to....get this.......the song birds out singing their songs during a thunderous thunder storm.  Crazy.  So, I decided to get myself up, make some coffee and go out and maybe catch a lightning strike or two.  This is the first real storm we've really had this spring so I was kind of excited to make use of my "Lightning Sensor" device I have to hopefully catch some strikes.  And since its been awhile and I wasn't expecting to wake up to a storm, I was a little rusty at setting myself up.  Number one problem was the rain getting on the lens and messing up good shots. I figured out a few things that will help the next time. And then, the shots I did get weren't as good as they could be since I was so close to some of the action that the thunder hit right when the lightning strike hit and kind of scared the tarter sauce out of me and I therefore, moved a bit giving me a blurrier shot than it should of been.  So, take these for what there worth.  1st lightning shots of the year.  Hopefully, more "good" ones to come.

1 comment:

  1. Oooo!! These are great! My favorite is the first one - I love the hue of pink, but all of them are so cool! The hint of water on the lens is a nice effect too :-)