Thursday, March 24, 2011

Up, up and away

The ways things are going with petro around here, this might end up being the best way to travel.  Nah, we probably import the hot air for balloons, too. Anyway, I'm doing something a little controversial tonight.  Some say to never give your secrets away.  But since this is not the norm I'm going to show off some Photoshop prowess tonight.  Been really busy with work and stuff, and since I don't often have a full tank of gas, I've haven't done as much shooting lately as I would like to.  So, to stay somewhat involved I've been putzing around with some of my Photoshop software and other programs. "Usually", my post production of my pics includes only some lightening or darkening, some color correction, and cropping the pic down to what I want to be shown.  Not too involved, but tidying up the pic a bit.  Pretty much the same thing that any pic goes through when sent to a lab.  But, the other day I was going through some shots that didn't make the cut.  I found some pics of a hot air balloon that went over the house that as much as I wished there was more to them, there just wasn't.  Ah hah!  An opportunity to practice.  And that's what I did. Below you will see the original shot.  I really liked the clouds that were the background to the balloon, but I really hated the advertising on the balloon.  Plus, there was really no color. A very flat shot.  Not "post" worthy at all.  After 4-5 hours of work(this is why I don't get too involved with post processing), I think I got something that looks pretty cool.  Yeah, not an original shot from the camera, but it all depends on what you're final goal is.  If you're just going for some eye candy, it works.  If you're looking for how technically adept at photography you are, eh, maybe not.  Tonight, my goal was eye candy.



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  1. I actually like the little lost balloon in a huge cloudy sky.

    But your skills at Photoshop are pretty impressive.