Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Nice November day. A little sun. Cool crisp air. Good day to hunt...if you're a bird. The hawks were out today. 3 seperate times this morning in different areas I saw Hawks out doing their thing. It might have something to do with the fields being cut down now and they can hunt their dinners more easily. I got some shots of a pair of them looking for their prey. As you see, one of them was keeping a close eye on me as I was trying to get closer. Another 10 feet closer and I'm sure I would have gotten a much crisper shot, but, they were skittish ,of course. I've also included some of my best shots of an eagle I saw this summer on a fishing trip.

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  1. I've seen some of those hawks lately too. I'm not sure if they migrate...but why else would we both be seeing them?

    The pictures of the eagle are fantastic. They would look good VERY big and in your family room.