Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yelling for yellow

Even though most of fall color is done, there are a few pockets left.  And what I'm seeing is that its not always apparent.  It all depends on the sunshine or lack of it.  Cloud cover also plays a role.  Friday morning was rather overcast but at times the sun filtered through and created beautiful beams of light that seemed to touch the ground.  I check out this forest preserve almost daily since it is right by my house and lately have been disappointed to not find anything that made me want to snap some pics.  But on this day, those beams of light were shining in just the right places and really brought out the color that is left.


  1. You captured a nice moment with the sun coming through the clouds and onto the trees here. Making it my new desktop background...

  2. The sun just skims that tops of the trees...such a nice effect.