Friday, October 17, 2014

Fields of Gold

So, we were driving in the higher elevations of Arizona and as we come out of a forested area we noticed to our left a sight that as a "photographer" made me scream "STOP" to my friend and driver, Brian.  At first, I think, he thought we were about to hit something or run off the edge of a mountain, but he eventually realized why I was in a panic to stop the car.  You see, usually when I do my photographic journeys, I am always the driver and by myself.  And when I see the shot, I hit the brakes.  Sometimes hard.  Me screaming "STOP" was my way of applying the brakes. I first noticed the neverending field of yellow, like the color that shows up in overhead shots of fields of tulips.  I always wanted to come across a field like that and try to get a great shot like I've seen in some of my photo magazines. Didn't think I ever would.  Next, as I scanned the field, it was hard to miss the mountain rising up in the background. What a great contrasting background.  Then, my eyes caught the farmstead to the right. Nice little addition to the grandiosity of the field and mountain.  Throw in a barbwire fence in the foreground, you got one of my favorite shots of the trip. I fired off a bunch of shots from different angles and camera settings and we finally continued moving on.  Most of the time after  trying to capture a scene like this, you leave and are not really sure if you got what you were attempting to capture. Often times, pics don't come out like you saw it with your very own eyes.  As we were driving out of the area, we discussed whether we thought I get a keeper out of my shots of the field.  We both nodded in agreement that there were going to definitely be keepers in that bunch of shots. Here's two of them.

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