Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sunshine and Frost

While recently on vacation in Northern Wisconsin, I was able to get out early and explore with camera in hand. I decided to head west from homebase and since I left before the sun came up, I didn't realize what was head of me once it did.  Once the sun was above the horizon, I was able to see what the new day had brought.  A wonderful layer of hoar frost covering a good chunk of Northern Wisconsin. I also found that I had traveled almost 2 hours west of home which is a little farther than I had planned, but it was all good, since in all my years living up there I had really never been to the area I ended up which is a town called Tomahawk.  Found a lot of protected land that was mainly used for logging, snowmobiling, and hunting.  Tonights shot is an good idea of the landscape of the area. It also shows the beauty of the frost mixed in with the morning sun.  But, any picture will not do justice to being completely surrounded by everything in an almost pure white state.