Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where Eagles Dare

Just got back from a fantabulous trip to the Northwoods of Wisconsin for some rest and relaxation with the whole family..  No hard work of camping this time.  Just plain ole "bring the bags into mom and dad's house tell them what you want for dinner". Yeah, right, it doesn't work that way.  But, we had a really nice time just relaxing, fishing, swimming, and enjoying the heat wave that is engulfing the midwest.  I got the usual shots of kids and family, but the real stunners were some of the wildlife shots I got.  To make it even better, the shots of the eagle to follow were when all of us were coming back from a nice dinner in a northern "resort" restaurant.  My son and daughter got to see this magnificent creature closer than I ever did in my youth, and I grew up among the giant carnivorous birds.  It was really quite a sight.  The others are of an early morning drive I took one day.  Of course, there were the ones that got away.  While my son and I were heading out for a day of fishing, there was a bear along side of the road.  We doubled back to get some shots, but he was gone.  The other shot that I really regret not getting were of two fawn deer, spots and all, feeding in a fog covered meadow.  I saw them as I was barreling down a county highway and I slammed on the brakes.  Did the reverse thing for about a quarter mile and they were still there when I stopped.  But, as soon as they heard my car door opening, all I saw was tails bounding in the other direction.  Those shots will be for next trip, I'm sure.

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  1. Such great pictures, makes me remember that I wanted to buy and frame some. I love that first one of the eagle looking like he was "sitting on his haunches."