Sunday, July 14, 2013

Back to the 80's

Music is a big part of me as far as entertainment goes.  Pretty much all genres.  Some people say thats because I'm moody.  Makes sense.  Different genres for different moods. Many of my best memories are my years of going to outdoor concerts in the summertime.  And most of those were in the 80's and 90's.  And you know what that means................HAIR BANDS!   Yeah, I saw plenty of hair bands.  The dicitionary defines a hair band as "The word to describe a band that plays a genere of music commonly known as 'hair metal'. the music was well known in the 80's, and characterized by: all of the band members having extremely long hair, usually high pitched male vocals, and heavy, piercing, distorted guitars."  So, tonight I went back to the 80's and saw a couple of bands that were in the area- Great White and Queensryche.  And you know what? It was a great time.  Went by myself (wife copped out a couple days before the show), met some others that were there for the same reasons as me, and I threw my hair around with the best of them(those who know me and my hairline will be laughing at that statement).  I can't hear anymore, but that was going to happen eventually anyway.  Now, life is just more peaceful......sooner than later.  I took alot of shots tonight, some with my phone, but most with my camera.  I wanted to post several of them, but, unfortunately, at this late hour, I can't seem to where I downloaded the camera pics to on my computer.  I do know where my phone shots are on my computer so that will do for tonight.  I gotta say, my phone took some good shots as you can see by this one of some of the Queensryche members.

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  1. One great picture!! The testosterone is still raging.