Sunday, June 2, 2013

You Put Your Left Foot In......

The Evilbear household attended a great event involving my daughter on Saturday night.  She has diligently been attending dance classes weekly for the last 3 months and Saturday night was the spectacle, I mean, recital.  Ohhhh yes.  I think this one dance academy trained every female(and one male) between the ages of 3 and 60 in a 5 county area to dance.  It was a long evening, but it was great to see my daughter up on stage doing her thing, shuffling and hip hopping and all.  By the time she was done I was ready to go Gangnam style myself.  She did a really good job and the whole show, even though long, was done really well.  We are really proud of her. Below is a shot of the best dancer on Chardonnay Lane(as far as I know) and a few other shots from the performances.


  1. How lovely Ashley looks! And your other pictures are so good too. Your are becoming professional.

  2. Ashley is beautiful! I'm a sucker for dance recitals, and would have loved to see her perform! Love the previous pic of Derek too... what a sweet face :-)