Monday, June 24, 2013

No one was "Starving" for fun

This last weekend we spent at a State Park here in Illinois called Starved Rock for our annual Cub Scout Troop summer camping trip.  About 60-70 parents, cub scouts and siblings spent Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday morning living out of tents.  My son is very lucky to belong to this troop.  From what I hear from some of the parents who brought their boys over from other troops, this is the premier pack to be part of.  And since we joined a little over a year ago, I haven't been disappointed with the involvement of all the leaders and parent volunteers.  They really plan fun and exciting things to do and everything they plan has an impact on how these boys will mature into men.  The highlight of our trip was our Saturday hike through part of Starved Rock to Wildcat Canyon which culminated with a waterfall and a place where we could sit and eat the lunches we brought along. Hiking up and down hundreds of wooden steps in 90% humidity did not deter us. It was worth it.  Along the way, the boys saw deer, beavers, snakes, pelicans, and, of course, a waterfall, which my boy was excited to see as you will see in the following pics.  A great weekend.


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