Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Let it snow.

I didn't expect to be using a title like this on February 27th, but I am and probably will be able to use it again in the next week or so.  We got nailed yesterday with about 9" in about 4 hours.  So, what do you do when you are caught on the roads while getting major snowfall?  You take the backroads home to try and get some shots.  Then, you realize it is not a good idea when you turn down a road that starts with a hill downward and ends with a hill going upward and find you can't enough traction to get up the hill at the end.  So, you turn around, carefully, and try the other way, and find no luck getting back up that hill either.  Finally, you just go for it using your downward momentum to launch you up the other side praying that you don't spin out or have another car coming over the hill from the other way.  But, if that doesn't sway you to head home, the friendly policeman that I had the pleasure of meeting made it very clear that I am to put away the camera and go straight home.  Do not pass "go" and collect $200(shoot more pics) or risk drawing a "Go to jail" card and since I did not have a get out of jail free card, I listened to him and headed home. But, first I grabbed a shot of these guys.  Man, there was alot of snow coming down.


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  1. Had a hill like that when we lived in Michigan. People were warned but would try it anyway. Result, a tow truck would have to park at the hill top and extend a cable down to the smart assed driver. Oh yeah, a small stream ran across the road a t the bottom of the hills. This was a tough road to navigate even in good weather. Stay warm, spring's on the way!