Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I believe Evilbear Photography has broke new ground

The first name I thought of for this post was "A Family Affair".  And it would have been fitting since it is a shot of my immediate family, some spouses, and a cousin and spouse all celebrating my parents 52nd wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.  The bride and groom are the 3rd and 4th people on the left from the bottom moving up.  For several years now, we all try to get together on a weekend close to their anniversary for a Saturday afternoon at the casino and then a nice group dinner at a Northwoods Supper Club.  Sometimes a couple of us can't make it and sometimes a few others can't, but we usually have most of us together.  And once again, we had a great evening.  But besides the great accomplishment of 52 wedded years, there is a very unusual aspect to this picture.  Hint:  The Evilbear allowed himself to be photographed.  Answer:  The Evilbear is in a picture that he is posting on his blog.  I do believe it is a first.  A group/family picture really isn't complete unless all attendees are in the shot so I handed over my cherished equipment and let the waitress have at it and fire off some shots.  I think she did a fine job considering getting this group to stay still, let alone be quiet, for more than 2 seconds is quite an accomplishment.


  1. I LOVE this, Mark! So good to see you & Laney's faces along with your parents. They are amazing, and really don't age!

  2. A fine picture of a fine family. Too bad you couldn't clone yourself and take and appear at the same time.

  3. Always good to get to celebrate with family and better yet for your Mom & Dads Anniversary.
    Cherish every moment and the best to your Mom&Dad. God bless them.