Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shuffle off to......

And the answer is.....Buffalo.  There is a famous picture out there called Cranes in the Mist.  My version is Buffalo in the Rain and Fog. I've seen this guy before.  In fact I think I posted a shot of him in the past.  But he's always been laying down and pretty lethargic.  This time he was up and moving.  Not sure if it was the rain/sleet coming down or that another buffalo was with him.  Unfortunately, the picture doesn't do a real good job of showing just how big and powerful he looked when shooting shots.


  1. I like this. There is a little of the Old West to it, as if he were really in the middle of some prairie somewhere.

  2. Looks like he is watching you. He could charge at any moment!!!

  3. I used to have a coat just like that!