Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ice, Ice Baby

We're talking ice fishing.  My son and I have spent the last couple of days on a frozen lake in Northern Wisconsin looking for that trophy fish lurking below the ice.  Or at least some small ones to cook up a good fish fry dinner.  Unfortunately,  neither happened.  What did happen was fulfilling my son's unstoppable desire to create a hole in 6" depth of ice and drop a minnow and line in the water and sit and wait for what could be hours, to catch some fish.  And that we did.  We did so with the help of my cousin Paul and his wife, Lacey, who graciously invited us to his cabin for the weekend where we slept at night and then head out in the day to fish from the comfort of his heated palace of a ice fishing shack/trailer/castle. We barbecued venison hamburgers, ate plenty of junk food, drank a beer or two, and took lots of pictures.  We did catch fish, just not as many nor the walleyes that we  wanted to.  For an 8 year old, it was a total success.  Just look at the fish he caught and in the one shot you see him out on a frozen lake, in January, with no boots or socks.  Whoops, maybe I shouldn't have posted that one.  Actually, socks and boots got wet and we were doing a quick dry on the heater.  He didn't care.  You can't do that at home. The biggest success of the trip, though, was proving to him that he can have fun with his old man on a trip. Or maybe that was a success for me.


  1. a Walleye and a Northern; normal Wisconsin fishing expectation. Good work! I can visualize it in the frying pan.......

  2. Nice fish and memories that will last forever. Even better

  3. Did you get to eat the fish? Derek looks very proud. No, gloves???? But then, that's Derek, Mr. Heater in a boy's body.