Sunday, September 16, 2012

You take that direction, I'll take this one

Got out for an early morning drive today.  First time in a long time that I've done that around here.  And what happens when you haven't done something for awhile?  You tend to forget stuff.  I had myself, my coffee, my dog, and my camera.  What could I have forgotten?  Fresh charged batteries, that's what.  I have 5 batteries for my camera.  Each charged battery last so long that I really don't even think about it.  I just recharge them about every 6 months or if I have a trip planned or something.   What I had forgotten was that I've been "snap" happy over the last 30-45 days what with weddings, camping, etc.  I found some interesting shots to take at one point this morning and that's when I learned the hard way.  I didn't even have to look for a freshly charged one.  I knew all batteries in my bag were done.  I started heading back home when I came across the guy/gals in the shot below.  I was kicking myself.  Let's check some of the batteries in the bag and see if I can get at least one shot out of it.  I got lucky.  I was able to get about 20 shots out of one the batteries before the shutter button refused to "click". This is an example of where you make sure every shot you take counts.

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