Sunday, August 12, 2012

Supermodels on the Beach

Just got back from 4 wonderful days of tent camping in Northern Wisconsin with my son, daughter, and her friend, Kayla.  Other than some pretty cold nights it was great weather for doing the camping thing.  On Thursday when we first arrived on the beaches of Veterans Memorial Park in Langlade County, not to be confused with the beaches of Hawaii, we just kind of wandered and explored and goofed around.  Of course, after a long drive in the car, the kids needed to get out, and, well, I guess just act goofy.  So, since I haven't had a chance yet to go through my shots, we've got a quick post here of my daughter and her friend playing supermodels for me on the beach.  Next stop, Sports Illustrated Beachwear Edition.


  1. They look pretty cute...

  2. They are GORGEOUS!!!! Very cool picture! Did you use a flash?