Wednesday, June 27, 2012


The property we stayed on last weekend was a private wildlife refuge called the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation.
The Foundation sits on 1200 acres of hardwoods, prairies, lakes, gravel pits and streams,  on the Fox River in Dundee, IL. Included in this package is a pristine trout stream with numerous waterfalls and the home of  large number of trout including brook trout, rainbow trout, and brown trout.  This being a private refuge, it has members that pay dearly for the privilege to fish there and the trout stream is no exception. And on top of that, fishing is only allowed via "fly fishing".  We got to hike along the stream throughout the property and saw large pools of trout in certain spots and they really got the kids attention.  And even better, the people that got to the camp out early enough on Friday got to pitch their tents right along the river and hear the light sound of the waterfalls during their stay.  The shot below is of the back of the  main cabin our group worked out of during the weekend and a part of the trout stream.  Nobody staying in the cabin.  It was just where supplies were stored, some meal preperations were performed, and some light dishwashing was performed.  In front of the cabin, was where all the activities were happening over the weekend and about 40 cub scouts running crazy.  To get away from all of that, all you had to do was step behind the cabin.


  1. That is awesome, I love Max McGraw. Just north of there and behind the baseball fields where the land slopes down to the Fox River is a fen that supposedly has the highest biodiversity in all of Kane County. Or at least that's what they told me when I worked for the county...

  2. I love how you make the rushing water look so soft! very cool technique!