Monday, June 4, 2012

Flight Deck

As I mentioned before, my son turned the ripe old age of 8 yesterday.  For his special day, the two of us made a trip to Rockford to catch an airshow.  I had heard in the past that it was one of the premier airshows in the Midwest.  It did not let us down.  Priced right, setup right, thrills galore, loud booms, fire, unbelievably large military aircraft to climb around in, army guys, food, and more sunshine than we could handle.  A guy's day in paradise.  This week's posts will mostly revolve around the show since I grabbed about 1000 shots throughout the day.(Hey, cameras these days are rapid fire and its digital so its doesn't cost anything to hit the trigger. And those flying machines?  They move fast so you have to shoot away). The scary thing about the 1000 shots is usually you, or at least me, are lucky to get 25% keepers of the shots you take.  I don't know what juice I ingested that morning, but I think I got about 75% keepers.  What do you do with 750 shots of an airshow?  You post everyone of them on your blog, that's what you do. Before I turn everyone away, I'm kidding.  But, there will be a healthy dose of Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines.  We'll start with the ones that jump out of their perfectly good aircraft and finish tonight with a threesome of some jets that don't know which way is up.

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  1. Magnificent pictures -- They look professional