Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh no, not again

Well, after 4 days of pouting about not having all my photo gear, I attached my old 18-55mm lens that came with my camera originally and grabbed some shots.  Nothing spectacular.  Just showing how dumb, and I'm not sure if that is the right word to use, but I'm using it anyway, how dumb Robins can be.  If you remember, we had a robin build a nest on one of my deck speakers right above my grill which is used almost nightly especially at this time of year.  Well, we showed respect for the Robin and her offshoots by keeping the Cubs games on low volume, kept the AC/DC music from cranking out, and moved the grill temporarily, until she and her babies flew the coop.  No problem. And once they were gone, the nest and pics became a great show and tell project for my son at school.  I thought that was the end of it.  Guess again.  She's baaaaaaaack. She spent a couple days last week rebuilding and tonight while the mama was gone, I took a peek into her nest and see 3 more offspring waiting to be born.  I did some research the first time and found out they will lay 3 sets of eggs in the span of a couple of months, but never did I expect her to rebuild in the same spot. We will respect her domain again, but, she and the kids better be Cubs fans. A couple of new pics, not repeats from May.


  1. She likes you! After this brood, maybe you should just remove the nest!

  2. Love the story! Also the bright blue eggs. The nest is so cool - I am always amazed by how intricate their construction is.