Thursday, May 5, 2011

Rockin' Robin

Wow.  Deja Vu.  2 blog post titles referencing bird songs in 2 weeks.This time it is in reference to an unexpected house guest.  It seems a robin decided to build her spring next on top of an outdoor speaker directly above my gas/charcoal grill.  Seems weird to me to, but she was intent on building it there.  I saw here "flitting" back and forth in front of my office window early one morning not knowing what she was doing.  When I got home from work later in the day, I saw her going back and forth still.  So, I'm assuming it was built in a day.  It wasn't until a day or two later that we all realized the problems that can occur.  She built right above my grill.  She ain't gonna be happy when I'm playing mad chef.  She is going to have babies in the nest as one of the pics below shows.  She ain't gonna be happy when I'm playing mad chef.....again.  She's about 3 feet from the door to the deck. She ain't gonna be happy with my 7 year old going in and out every 5 minutes.  And the real kicker?  ...........I hope she and her babies like Metallica and Cubs games since that is what she'll be feeding her babies to once it gets warm.  They will truly be Rockin' Robins.



  1. Love the pictures but be kind to her. MaryAnn D.

  2. Robins are so dumb but so pretty. It's fun to watch the babies grow. I hope there can be a truce so she can stay and Ash and Derek can enjoy her.