Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Surprise Party? For Me? Aww, You Shouldn't Have

You know what folks?  In my busyness of the month of September, I totally missed an important anniversary. No, not my wedding anniversary.  I've learned my lesson there.  It was actually the 1st anniversary of the Evilbear Photography blog on September 3rd.  It hit me early this morning that I had to be coming close to being a year.  I took a look at my archive, and sure enough, it was 1 year on the 3rd.  To celebrate, I decided to head out in the darkness to do some shooting.  Great morning for photos.  And I actually found a surprise party waiting for me in a place I never expected.  I was driving a busy road that I've driven about 1000 times before and never saw anything to catch my eye.........until today.  There was a "surprise party" of about 20 or more white herons all just waiting for me to show up with my camera. (And here I though they didn't particularly care for me sneaking up on them with my trigger finger ready).  Well, it seems they got together just to give me a magical shot.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get them all to stay still long enough to catch them all.  But, they did grace me with some good shots.

1 comment:

  1. I love them. They are so graceful. I like the way their shapes imitate the shape of the reeds around them.