Friday, February 5, 2010

The Big Boy

I'm lucky. I am in sales and spend my day on the road within a territory.  Some days, when things just ain't going right, I have my certain places that make me feel better.  The many forest preserves around can can do alot for you and your psyche (or just let you grab a few winks over lunchtime).  Here's a shot from the vault of who I call "The Big Boy" at a preserve in the area.  He's the biggest amongst a herd of elk.  I can only guess who it is looking over his shoulder.  From my own experience, probably his wife. (Just a little joke, Honey)


  1. I love the majesty of an elk with a rack of horns. He looks like a king.

  2. How close were you to this guy? Again, this looks like a picture I'd see in National Geographic!

  3. Looks alot like ELK GROVE. Drove by there yesterday on a quick back and forth to Chicago area.