Saturday, January 30, 2010


Its taken me a few days but I finally got it done. Earlier in the week, on a really "brisk" day, I was driving past a farm in the middle of nowhere when I saw two horses jumping up and down and running pretty hard in their enclosure. Of course, I pull over to check 'em out, camera in hand. They put on a pretty good show playing with each other, one of them even stopping to just roll around in the snow. Pics turned out pretty good, although, the snow coming down made some of the exposures a little goofy. Still, I'll take some good "wildlife" pics with snow falling anyday over just a hazy overcast dull day. I made a little video of the shots I got. You can watch it here or if your computer is having a hard time, you can also go here. It seems the pics are sharper on YouTube:

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  1. You really captured some special moments. I wonder what they were thinking. We really know so little about animal understanding and communication... I especially like the white horse...she(?) has quite a personality.