Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Change of mind

I spoke to several of my regular viewers of my posts today so today's shot will surprise them since it is not at all what I was planning on posting.  So, just so you know, I didn't forget.  I just got a nice shot tonight.  Its an HDR photo.  High Dynamic Range.  I take 3 shots of the same scene, one correct exposure, one underexposed, and one overexposed.  I then combine the 3 photos to create one shot that allows you to see more detail.  Today's planned post will just find its way to the blog another day.  I must admit I had alot of fun taking photos of this scene with the snow coming down.  And the light at early sunset was nice.  The dream shot would have been of the nice big buck I saw standing in the field with the snow falling on him.  Unfortunately, he didn't cooperate with what I considered a photo opportunity for him.  So we got some trees, a stream, and a bridge instead.

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