Saturday, September 6, 2014

Soccer Stud

Today was the first game of the new soccer season for my son, Derek.  New season, new team, new coach, new teammates, and a new role on the team.  Last year, his first, he was mainly a defensive player, and that was mainly because there were two other kids that were scoring machines. He likes defense, but if they ain't kicking it towards you, it can get a little boring.  He worked really hard during this last year to improve his offensive skills and he benefited greatly from the fact that there are numerous other boys on the street his age who love soccer and love pickup games after school.  His focus was to become better on offense.  It was apparent during the first few weeks of practices with his new team, that he was focused and I think the coaches could see something to it also.  Well, it all came together today in the first game.  The whole team played quite well and put a hurt on the other team to a score of 4-2.  And, of those 4 goals scored by "The Strikers", you can see in one of the pics how many Derek scored. It was almost 3. Happy boy. Happy team. Happy and proud family.


  1. Such a happy boy! We were all proud of him.

  2. Fantastic job, Derek!

  3. Nice work Messi... Oops, I mean Derek!