Monday, May 6, 2013


Got out for a little bit this last Sunday morning to look for some Spring in action.  Its really nice to see that some of the water holes around here seem to be filled back up since they were bone dry at the end of last summer. Alot of my best shots, especially of birds and other wildlife are near some form of water, i.e. pond, creek, river, lake, etc.  But, today's pics are not near water and they are totally unrelated.  I say that because usually if I post more than one picture, they are related in some way.  The first shot is a shed sitting by itself about 20 yards from the road.  No other buildings within 200 yards of it in any direction.  I'm not totally sure what about it grabbed my attention, but I do like the pic.  And the second is, of course, a horse.  The greatest thing about horses is they are so curious and usually beg you for attention.  Often when I spot them out in their pasture, they stare at me and watch every step as I make my way close to the fence.  Sometimes they play very coy and look away like they don't care, but their curiosity gets the best of them.  Eventually, they start a long slow walk to get closer, one by one.  Next thing you know, they are pushing at you with their big noses, looking for some scratches and rubs.  Great subjects.

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  1. I especially like the horse...I've had humans look at me this way...