Thursday, November 29, 2012

Moonlight Dinner

Trust me, this wasn't on purpose.  But, it looks like the theme of the week is "moonlight".  That's because of the wonderful full moon with clear skies that we are enjoying around here.  This shot is one of those shots that if I would have been two minutes sooner, I think it would have been spectacular.  I was actually driving away from the moon, but, as a photographer often does, I looked behind me to the side to see if there was anything to see. I saw the glow of the moon and new I had another nice full one.  I turned around and went down a sideroad to find a good foreground.  A big full moon is nice but its even nicer to have something in the foreground.  And that's when I saw the fine dining establishment in the shot.  Like I said, 2 minutes earlier and I probably would have had a moon lower in the sky which, I think, would have made it better. But, this is what I got.


  1. incredible. It would be a great poster

  2. Beautiful shot the only thing missing is a mate for the horse

  3. Whatever you thing about it but in my opinion it is a perfect shot. The full moon is looking wonderful with golden color and foreground is also great. Excellent photography keeps it up.

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