Thursday, January 20, 2011

A couple more before the great freeze hits us

Here's a couple more shots from the other day.  Man, it was a great day for shooting.  Most the recent posts were from our recent snow day and all within 1-2 hour time period.  I think I fired off about 150 shots and out of that I've culled and kept about a dozen.  Trust me, that's an incredible "keeper" ratio.  Sometimes you can shoot 300 shots and keep maybe 1 or 2.  Ah, the miracle of digital. One of the shots, tonight, is kind of an anomaly.  This tree and grassy area seemed to have a force field around it. The shot was taken just before I headed home.  Snow was still falling everywhere....but on that little area, nothing.


  1. Maybe the force was spring just making its way to the surface.

  2. Really beautiful!