Saturday, January 24, 2015

Introducing "The Destroyer"

Yep, that is his name.  Today was the start of league play for my son for basketball. As he came out of the tunnel, each kid's name was announced.  And he was, to our surprise, called out as Derek "The Destroyer" Zelazoski.  Even more surprisingly, our last name was pronounced properly. Unfortunately, league play started with a loss, but it was a good game (the other team had a ringer or two), and Derek played well and had fun.  The best part is we like the team, we like the coach, and we like the league.  Not often you can say that in the childrens sports environment these days.  Its going to be a good season. A few shots of "The Destroyer" in action.



  1. He certainly looks like he's living up to his name! Great photographs.

  2. He looks awesome!! I love the first one where he is coming out of the streamers!

  3. Great shots of The Destroyer...heard its hard to get a clear one because he moves so fast