Friday, February 4, 2011

Over the hump

Some of you have noticed there has been little "blogging" the last couple of weeks.  Some of you are ecstatic about this.  And some of you have wondered where the pics are.  Well, as I said last night, illness and weather have played a part. But, I think the biggest reason is really I was in the midst of "shooters block", like how writer's get "writer's block".  You can only shoot so many trees and fences.  Its easy to go out and get those shots....and can be a little boring.  One of the problems has been the lack of sunsets this winter and the disappearance of alot of wildlife.
Today was the perfect opportunity to break out and get over the hump.  We had a gorgeous sunset tonight and with the snow stopping for a few days, the wildlife was out and about looking for food.  And I had no place to be so therefore did not have to rush home. I was able to extend my drive home to the side roads and look for shots.  Here are a few of the keepers of a great shooting evening.


  1. Love the sunset, it is like a dramatic, abstract painting.

  2. Hi Mark! I love this head-on shot...standing still just for you! So cool.